Pacha Mama Mala

A mala for the tree, plant and Earth lovers "Pacha Mama" is for those with a connection to the ancient ones, the tall ones, herbal & plant lore. Pacha Mama's medicines & gifts of the old ways. This piece contains beautiful 6mm gemstones of Malachite, Sea Sediment Jasper, Chrysocolla with Azurite, Tree Agate, Quartz & Larimar. Malachite bringing protection from Pacha Mama and enhances the energies of Pacha Mama & her gifts. Chrysocolla with Azurite to aid in communication with Pacha Mama, trees, plant spirits & ones own higher self. Connecting with the deep ancient wisdom of the trees, plants & Pacha Mama. Tree Agate to deepen inner silence & stillness, clearing blockages with the channels that enable deep connections with Pacha Mama. Sea Sediment Jasper bringing love, compassion, peace, clarity & alignment of the physical & light bodies. Larimar providing clear communication & balanced emotions helping to connect with the serenity found in nature & the divine feminine. Quartz to enhance healing & health and assistance in becoming a Master of earths gifts.

© Tara Schmidt

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