This remedy is an empaths best companion remedy. It is designed to protect your energy and aids in helping to sheild you from unwanted energies. It's an ideal remedy for anyone who has to deal with large volumes of people on a daily basis or for empaths who are struggling with an over load from others. 


This remedy can be taken prior to having to enter large gatherings or large populated areas like shopping centers, parties, family events or public transport, to protect the individual from free radical energy transference. 


To all Healers out there, this is the remedy I use daily at the end of a session with clients to disconnect the energy transference, cords and be able to move from client to client without draging things from previous sessions or people.  It helps keep my energy clean and protected. 


The room spray can be used in a space or area to envoke the same effects. 

Protection - Ready to go Range

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