Hand Carved Obsidian Budda Pendant approximately 6cm long x 4cm at the widest point. 


Obsidian is a great stone for shadow work it aids in looking within oneself and to get to the core of the issues. Nothing can be hidden from obsidian, not even the self. Obsidian may aid the individual with accessing past lives and help them in revealing truths and patterns that are being held on to but not beneficial. It may help the individual with discovering their soul purpose and to continue with one’s spiritual integrity.


Obsidian is extremely grounding and relates very strongly with the base and earth star chakras. It really pushes the individual with discovering the cause of dis-ease within the individual, the subtle bodies and physical obstacles. Obsidian is an extremely protective stone to those that work with it, blocking and removing all negative energies.

Obsidian Budda Pendant #199

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