Large Lemurian Wand #2 

Lemurian Crystals not only do they offer the ability of quartz but much more!

An extremely powerful tool that is used in psychic surgery and can remove unwanted cords. These wands should not be randomly pointed at anyone as they have to ability to direct energy very quickly. They concentrate and accelerate any energy that is passing through them. These can be used to stimulate acupuncture and acupressure points. They can be used in shamanic healing to detach entities and attachments and removal of objects lodged in the aura and energy field of a person.  


These can be used to access and understand information from Lemuria when meditated with. They have a distinct appearance which have horizontal striations or grooves which are like barcodes which are used in the meditation process. These crystals are considered to be a MASTER CRYSTAL.


Quartz - A master healer that contains all colour rays. Quartz it the crystal that can do it all, if you have only one crystal in your collection; it has to be Quartz! Quartz has the ability to enhance and amplify all other crystals and stones. It can double an individual’s bio magnetic field. And dispels static electricity.  


It helps to protect and clear all the energy bodies of an individual. It is used in scrying, clairvoyance and psychic work. Quartz works on all levels and is ideal for programming to enhance one’s potential, desires and intentions.


Approximately 10.5cm long  x 2.9cm wide 

Lemurian Wand #2

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