The ladies of light - Nada

She balances the male and female energies. She is known for her connection to Lake Titicaca in Peru. She works with the laws of karma, assisting in releasing and resolving Karmic patterns and wounds, held in the feminine through generations and DNA. She teaches one to return to an innocent heart. She helps with mental healing, upliftment and resolution through right action. In times of pain, struggle and disempowerment and the feeling of "lost" she can be called on to assist in righting ones path. 

These work on the etheric and astral level; evoking the energies of colour, crystals, plant spirit medicine and Master vibrations. Each one is unique in its blending to correspond with a particular lady of light as it is created with love and intention in sacred ceremony. 

Working with these allows us to open ourselves up to the frequencies of the ladies of light. They can be used in our daily routines to evoke their energy and also in times of meditation, prayer, giving or receiving healing, connecting to spirit or in times of stillness and contemplation. 

These are easy to use by placing 3 small drops on the wrists, rubbing together to awaken the unique blend and gently inhaling 3 breaths. The container is small enough for the handbag, making it easy to bring in their qualities and experience as we travel throughout the day. 

Ingredients are all organic and ethically source. Each contains essential oils, floral waters, crystals, colour & plant medicine and an organic alcohol as a preservative. There are 13 in total in the Ladies of Light range. These are produced by myself and are available now and are made to order. 

Ladies of Light - Nada