Atlantisite Massage Wand Ideal to use in massage, to stimulate the acupuncture and acupressure points to unblock and enhance chi flow.


Has both the properties of stichtite and serpentine. It is a great Earth Healer, bringing in peace to the environment. It can be used to stimulate and clear blockages in the heart chakra as well as the third eye. It also has the ability of purging and purifying the Hara.


It may help to lower mental stress levels and bring in the energy of more positive awareness. An ideal crystal to use when wanting to increase feelings of love, compassion and caring.

It has been known to help in mediation and in accessing information from Atlantis as it aids in opening the individual to higher levels of consciousness and awareness. It also works on cellular memories that an individual may have from the time of Atlantis, so it may help to activate those memories for self-discovery and healing.

Approximately  7.5cm long 


Atlantisite Massage Wand #641

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