Top Quality Citrine DT Wand. Ideal for use in grids and directly energy flow in both directions. 


Citrine is a powerful regenerator and cleanser. It carries the power of the sun and it has a warming and energising ability. It is linked with the sacral and solar plexus chakras and helps to align the subtle bodies with the physical. It may help an individual with releasing of fears and destructive tendencies promoting calmness, inner wisdom and warmth.  It is an ideal crystal for reenergizing and recharging and unblocking chi stagnation in the energy body.


An ideal crystal to be used in grids of abundance, wealth, manifestation and success. It may encourage individuals to share their wealth instead of holding it all for themselves.


Approximately 6cm long  x 2.5cm wide 

AAA+ Citrine Double Termination Wand #627

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