Holistic Services

Kaleidoscope Healing Barossa offers a wide variety of holistic, energetic and non intrusive modalities. These modalities are designed to bring wellness, balance, peace and nurturing to the divine being that you are. Each modality works in supporting you in the best way that you need at the time. If you are not sure as to which modality will be best suited for you then do not hesitate to contact me and we can explore this more in detail through an initial consultation and discussion.   

Australian Bush Flowers

Ancient, Plants, Healing

The Australian Bush flowers were founded by Ian White who is a highly respected naturopath and kinesiology practitioner. The Australian Bush Flowers were created in our very own back yard of Australia, using ancient techniques and healing properties of plants. They were sourced from the most natural sites and landscapes of Australia creating a powerful healing ability to all those that live here and abroad.  The Australian Bush Flowers are safe, powerfully effective and an amazing catalyst that anyone can use to better their life and well being.


Beamer Pen - Light On The Pathways

Self discovery, Colour, Light Therapy

Beamer Pen is a non-intrusive light therapy that includes colour in conjunction with the five elements, meridians & pathways of our body. This technique was born through Shanto Dorcey whom has had over 20 years’ experience in Aura Soma & developed this course with a well renowned Doctor of Chinese medicine Robert Abrahamson; which includes various techniques working with “colour & light on the pathways”. Using light & colour in this fashion enables us to illuminate the acupuncture organs & meridians through the electromagnetic field & facilitates colour & light to communicate with the cells within the body, assisting the individual with bringing through awareness of ones’ potential & gifts through at a soul level of the being.  



Colour, Healing, Technology

Esogetic Colorpuncture is a state-of-the-art mind and body healing technology. It combines knowledge derived from Chinese medicine and other energetic healing systems, modern photon Biophysics and new biology, with insights from ancient esoteric healing philosophies, in order to create a new and unique system of informative/ energetic healing. The primary method of treatment involves the application of colored light frequencies to acu-points on the skin — hence the name “Colorpuncture.”

Colour Therapy

Discoving the wisdom & benefit of colour

Colour therapy is a non-intrusive vibratory modality that is deeply beneficial for the body, mind and soul. Colour holds deep wisdom and resonates with us on so many levels. It can help to keep us balanced, positive and centered. Having a colour therapy session can reveal to you and show you how colour can help and support you throughout your life. Each colour has a frequency and this frequency has a great impact on you not only energetically but also to your overall health, emotions, mental state, heart and spirit. During a colour therapy session you can have colour light therapy, colour healing, colour visualization, colour breathing techniques,balancing, clearing and aligning of the chakras, discover the hidden colours in your name, learn how to implement colour into your life and surroundings.

Crystal Healing

Energetically uplifting & healing

Crystal healing is a non-intrusive, gentle but powerful vibrational method of crystalline energy healing which incorporates the use of Mother Earths jewels gifted to us for healing. It involves using crystals and minerals with different metaphysical healing properties and placing them on and around the physical body and on and around the 7 major chakra centers. There are a variety of techniques used depending on the aliment and area you wish to make improvement in your life be that of the physical, mental or spiritual.

It is an exceptional form of vibrational treatment to bring yourself and your energy back into alignment and balance. It helps to create positive change in your energetic system as well as your emotional mental and spiritual states. A treatment is usually lasts for 1.5 hours in length. Once the session is completed the client will be sent home with a supportive crystal to help with the integration of the energy received from the session.  

Crystal Readings

Insightful & revealing

Crystals Readings are a divination tool to help gain insight to aspects of yourself, situations or areas that may need healing and your attention. Readings done through Kaleidoscope Healing can incorporate both cards and crystals. There are a variety of layouts a methods often used and each one is different for different purposes. So it’s best to explain your purpose for a reading (for example a general reading layout will be different to a relationship reading). Crystal’s readings can be done with you in person or from a distance via phone, email or skype. Email sessions may occur a slightly higher price due to the time taken to turn your reading into written format.

Essential Oil Touch Technique

Relaxing, Balancing, Supportive & Calming

The main purpose of the technique  is to provide a profound and uplifting essential oil experience. During the technique essential oils are applied with specific instructions. The technique is also about connecting with people on an emotional level. Each essential oil in the technique was selected for its individual aromatic properties, application with a clinical approach combined with the nurturing elements of touch, is a simple, yet powerful way to provide an essential oil experience. It is an uplifting essential oil experience. It is a soft, gentle technique that incorporates gentle, repetitive strokes and movements along your back, feet and hands. It also involves applying specific essential oils and blends which have specific properties that are designed to assist your body in a variety of ways in a certain order as they are applied to your body promoting relaxation, calmness, cleansing, soothing, warming, energizing & invigorating sensations and energy. Essential Oil Touch Technique usually takes 1.5 hours and is sure to be beneficial for anyone; male, female, young or old and is safe for all ages.

Holistic Counselling

Supportive & Caring

Holistic Counselling is available through Kaleidoscope Healing. It is designed to support you through spiritual aspects in your life. Offered in a safe, nurturing and non-judgmental environment. Kaleidoscope Crystals respects you and your journey and is happy to assist the best way possible.  

Intuitive Auric Healing

Repairing & bringing harmony

Auric healing is working on the energetic bodies that surround the physical body. It involves, clearing, realigning and repairing any leaks, tears or issues in the aura. When an individual’s aura is weak or there is lodgments, disruptions, old energetic patterns, negative or unwanted attachments, past life issues, psychic attacks throughout the aura it can make someone become unbalanced, unwell, tired, worn out, energetically blocked and drained. It also dramatically affect them spiritually. Auric healing is a way to target any potential disruptions in the auric field and bring it back into balance, harmonization and a healthy state.

Intuitive Readings & Services

Finding meaning, understanding & insight

Intuitive Readings involve various divination tools to help gain insight to aspects of yourself, situations or areas that may need healing and your attention. The types of readings done through Kaleidoscope Healing is with the use of oracle cards, crystals, coffee cup readings and other forms of divining tools. Readings can be done with you in person or from a distance (where applicable) via phone, email or skype. Email sessions may occur a slightly higher price due to the time taken to turn your reading into written format.

Liquid Crystals

Working with the Devic kingdom to bring balance & harmony

The liquid crystals (TLC) are a vibrational geometric healing modality that is based on the minerals, metals and crystals of Earth. They work with balancing us mentally, emotionally & spiritually, as well as physical imbalances within the recipient. The liquid Crystals were create by a man named Justine Moikeha Asar whom over 15years channeled this complex system using sacred geometry, alchemy and universal energy. The Liquid Crystals are a natural, holistic, safe method for all ages and all types of people. They will not affect anyone on other forms of medication or treatments and are great for the whole family. The Liquid Crystals can also be given to animals and plants safely and effectively. They not only work with the minerals of the earth but the geometric formation. Being that everything is made up of geometric formation, including humans it works on that perfect structure within us. Brings us back to that perfect state naturally. The Liquid crystals have 77 individual remedies as well as the family help range, ascended masters light body activation, trinity sets and more. Particular combinations for certain requirements include de-stress, star child, meditation, angels, deep sleep, balance align and clear, clear channel, cycles, energize, protection, study, the shaman and weight just to name a few. They are taken internally through drops and hold the geometrical and mineral structure of the stones of the earth. Personal Dose bottles for specific aliments or for personal growth are available as well as trinities. Contact me for a consultation and pricing. Sessions can be done in person, via phone, email or Skype. Personal dosage bottles of your life purpose trinity or aliments can be made and sent to you through post or collected in person. 20 ml bottles cost $15.00 each plus postage if required.

Metaphysical Healing & Services

Energy work through divinaiton & insightful modalities

Kaleidoscope Healing is fully qualified in offering a large variety of metaphysical services. Working with angelic, devic and energetic aspects. As well as through tools like divination, affirmational work, intuition and psychic work.  Designed to support, help and nurture the energetic being you are. Working with the right tool and in the right way is extremely important for body mind and soul work.


Bringing balance, harmony & peace

Meditation is extremely beneficial for the physical body, mental aspects of a person as well as the spiritual. It is an excellent tool and resource to use to lower stress, anxiety and other issues that impact on a person through day to day life and struggles. Meditation is great at enhancing one’s life, vitality and energetic bodies. Come and join in on weekly meditation classes to reduce stress and relax or work on your spiritual aspect of life.  Open to all denominations and all ages. 


Quantum, Healing, Hypnosis

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a unique method of hypnosis that was founded by Dolores Cannon. QHHT® induces an individual to the Somnambulistic state of trance through visualization. OHHT® is a hypnosis technique which enables spiritual, emotional, mental and physical wellness and healing. It is an amazing journey of your consciousness and a way of finding the answers accessing self-healing all from within. This method of hypnosis has had amazing results, proving to be safe and effective for over hundreds of people all over the world.


Nurturing, Relaxing, Balancing & Clearing

Reiki is a non-invasive form of energy healing, also known as hands on healing. Reiki is the use of universal/divine energy to heal the energetic and physical body. It helps reduces stress, anxiety and other forms of ills. It induces a deep relaxing state and helps eliminate toxins from the physical and energetic body and removes negative and unwanted energy from ourselves and our energy system. Reiki is safe from all ages and can benefit you greatly. If you are unable to attend in person for a Reiki session distance Reiki is available at a discounted price just contact me for more information regarding this option. Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing and was discovered in Japan by a Japanese Buddhist name Dr Mikao Usui and made its way to the west starting in Hawaii in 1937.

Seichim Reiki

High Vibrational, Clearing, Balancing

Seichim is the use of universal energy that has originated from Ancient Egypt. Seichim works on the basis that all is connected and all aspects can interactively work and effect one another. Therefore when working with Seichim energy it has the possibility of healing on all levels physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, with a focus on the heart centre.  Although Seichim is similar to Reiki It works on a higher vibration and heals on deeper levels and on deeper aspects of the being.

Shamanic Healing

Traditional, Ancient & Earth Based

Shamanic healing can consist of a variety of methods to help support and bring the individual back to wholeness.  Shamanic healing is one of the oldest methods of healing known to human kind and is central to earth based cultures. Some techniques include drum & rattle healing, entity removal, power retrieval, soul retrieval, journeying to the upper and lower worlds to help assist in the healing process of an individual. These session are all done through traditional shamanic healing techniques in sacred space and ceremony.  If you feel this is for you, feel free to contact to make a session time. 

Soul Colour Therapy

Self Discovering & Supporting You On Your Journey.

Colour is the perfect mirror for your soul. It supports you as you journey through out your life with what you are needing most at that time. It is a non-intrusive and ignites self-discovery, self-care, acceptance and transformation in a high vibration of love and of highest intention. It is such a loving and supportive way, especially for anyone who is coming to a new focus or way in their life and for those that wish to develop within themselves higher levels of consciousness. During a session it is a wonderful way to see yourself reflected through light and colour. A session usually last for 1 ½ hours during this session you will make a selection from coloured bottles, the colour selections made facilitate a window for the soul and the opportunity to look at your soul at the present moment, your gifts and talents, where you are in the here and now and what you can bring towards yourself by unwrapping your gifts and implementing them into the world. Having a session can help you see what it is you need and how the colours can offer you support on your journey. “You are the colours you choose and these reflect your beings needs” Also during the session you will be offered a polish pat and comb for you aura. This helps to bring in balance, make your aura stronger, cleansing it of negative energy and allowing it to bring in more positive energy for overall energetic health.


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