Crow Mala

Created on the full moon in Scorpio, the first full moon that marks the midway point of Autumn signalling that the Winter solstice is not far away, which is the strongest and most potent time to work with crow and its energy. The longest night will soon grace us with its presence. Just like the crow who is as black as night and guides travelling souls as they pass from one world to the next, it is likened to the night itself who gives birth to the day. The crow helps one to bring light out of the darkness. It is the protector of the worlds in between, the maternal blackness from which all creation is born. The crow is surrounded with magic, deep inner transformation through the darkness with

Pacha Mama Mala

A mala for the tree, plant and Earth lovers "Pacha Mama" is for those with a connection to the ancient ones, the tall ones, herbal & plant lore. Pacha Mama's medicines & gifts of the old ways. This piece contains beautiful 6mm gemstones of Malachite, Sea Sediment Jasper, Chrysocolla with Azurite, Tree Agate, Quartz & Larimar. Malachite bringing protection from Pacha Mama and enhances the energies of Pacha Mama & her gifts. Chrysocolla with Azurite to aid in communication with Pacha Mama, trees, plant spirits & ones own higher self. Connecting with the deep ancient wisdom of the trees, plants & Pacha Mama. Tree Agate to deepen inner silence & stillness, clearing blockages with the cha

Mantra Mala - “Om Sri Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Rama”

“Om Sri Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Rama” ‘Om and victory to Rama (the self within) victory, victory to Rama’ this mantra can help with taking oneself across the ocean of rebirth. It is the most powerful in reducing karmic effects and negative emotions. It’s ideal for those who are trying to release fear, anger and other forms of negative emotions that can lower an individuals vibration. This Mala contains 6mm, 8mm and 10mm high quality genuine gemstones. Which include Howlite - an ideal crystal for meditation and is an extremely calming crystal that helps to reduce an overactive mind. It’s used for accessing spiritual dimension, opening the individual to attunements and opening the mind to

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