Let me be your guide

The spirits on the wind, Their voices call, Telling me of your sorrows, And how your heart is not at home. Come lay your burdens upon me Let me share the load We can talk together And wander in the wild never alone. Hand in hand, Heart to heart, We can share all those pains that tear you apart. Let me stand with you in the darkness that elopes, Let me help guide you to a place that feels just right. Let me teach you how happiness can be found in all the little things, Let me show you the glory of all that is, Even the pain that got you to where it did. Come lay your burdens on me, Let us share the load, A listening ear, A caring heart, All for you to find your path. Let me be your flame when

Walk through me

Come take a walk through me, Into a world unseen. Breathe in my scent, Feel my eternal presence on the wind, Taste the dew drops on your tongue. Come take a walk through me, Here my ancient call. Come to a place where ancestors’ dwell, Telling songs of the old. Walk within me for a while, Find the part of your soul once lost or left behind, All can be found in the presence of my silence. I’ll show you the way, It’s in my movements and the way I sway, Codices of light coming through me and into you. Feel your feet upon the earth, Where my roots send you healing, Anchoring you to your purpose. Fresh pine and bark fills and ease your heart, Bringing back life to the decay that hides there, Help

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