Hi my name is Tara, I am a mother of four and soul owner of Kaleidoscope Healing Barossa. I have attended many training courses and workshops involving spiritual practices and spiritual topics. Spirituality, crystals and the workings of the universe have been a long standing passion of mine since I was a child.  I have worked with many people assisting others in their healing journey and put my skills to use, not only for my family but the broader community also. 

My training and qualifications are recognized and I am a member of IICT. (International Institute of Complementary Therapies).


“We are like that of the mineral kingdom, perfectly imperfect, but divinely perfect all the same; one must simply be willing to see it.  It’s time to find that spiritual you & heal. I’d love to be there to help you!” - Tara Schmidt

Tara Schmidt


Colour Therapy

Intuitive Medium & Reader

Intuitive Auric Healer

Qualified in Aura Soma

Qualified Beamer Light Pen Therapist 

Qualified Cartomancer

Qualified Crystal & Metaphysical Healer

Qualified Holistic Counsellor 

Qualified Liquid Crystals Practitioner

Qualified Red Tent Facilitator

Qualified Reiki Master

Qualified Seichim Practitioner

Qualified in Traditional Shamanic Healing  

Qualified QHHT intern Practitioner  

Qualified Soul Realignment Practitioner 






My Aim

To bring spiritual information and knowledge to others regardless of their denomination.

To heal the body mind and soul using spiritual, holistic and non-invasive methods.

Increase and encourage people to use their intuition and natural abilities to make their lives better.

To help and encourage people to embrace their whole self and all aspects of themselves.

To help and encourage each other on our spiritual paths. In a safe, non-judgmental and loving atmosphere amongst like-minded people.

Assist others in being a Master of their own life.



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Kelly Law 

"Tara Danae"  is more than a medium, she empathizes with clients and helps them to understand the messages coming through. The amount of personal details that she relayed to me left me speechless from my childhood memories to the way I sit on the sofa, and my grandad's tough love approach and his unique laugh!. Having a reading with  Danae is an Incredibly personal and moving experience and I cannot help but feel forever changed after experiencing it. I will definitely be returning to Kaleidoscope Healing Barossa in the future"



Jessica Smith 

"I recently had the wonderful opportunity to get a card reading from Tara Danae at Kaleidoscope Healing Barossa. About a year ago she was incredibly helpful in teaching me to establish boundaries & gave me some insight into what was going on with the spirits in my home at the time, so I knew she was going to be the right person to discuss my dilemma with. I've been stuck in a 6 month rut, after previously having been really connected to myself, I now felt unsure of everything & out of balance. Danae was really professional, kind & understanding when she talked me through a few different options for how I could get myself to how i wanted to feel. I was so happy with my reading - a few home truths came out (which i knew to be right) but i gained some much needed insight into things in my life. I am so looking forward to trying the liquid crystals she recommended! I am so grateful for this experience & will definitely continue to work with her. I recommend her to anyone!!!



Kristy Roberts 

"I asked for a general reading which involved 6 different aspects and with each one the reading was very accurate with how I was feeling and what was happening in my life.

I look forward to having further readings with Tara Danae and would highly recommend her to anyone." 


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Kim Hart 

This woman keeps my physical, mental and spiritual health in check and running smoothly!

– Kim Hart

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Sarah Bennett

"I have known Tara Danae for over five years. Her spiritual gifts are just one asoecr towards the way she lives her life. When experiencing her gifts, Danae shows true spiritual knowledge & accuracy. I recommend her in all aspects of spiritual guidance. If you are wanting the real true experience of a medium or healer than Danae is 100 % the real deal." - SARAH BENNETT

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Caroline Heinrich 

"Tara Danae was spot on with everything she said in her card readings for current events happening & some future events, with some I’m sure still to come. I would highly recommend to anyone willing to have readings."